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Holy Family Parish is a loving, caring community of devoted and committed Catholic Christians. Our mission purpose is to spread and deepen the Kingdom of God among all people. Our aim is to carry out this mission through our strong tradition of faith and family, through a strong sacramental and liturgical life, through a total Catholic educational program, through a ministry to the social needs of the community and through evangelization.
     The origin of Holy Family Parish in Port Allen goes back to Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Lobdell, established in 1876. In 1892, a mission chapel of St. Michael was established in Port Allen, and attached to Sts. Peter and Paul Church. The pastors of Sts. Peter and Paul thus served the parish at Lobdell, the St. Michael mission chapel at Port Allen and another mission chapel in Grosse Tete.

    In May, 1904, the pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Church preferred living at Grosse Tete and moved his residence there. Thus Grosse Tete became the parish and Lobdell was reduced to a mission of Grosse Tete along with Port Allen. In December 1906, the two missions of Lobdell and Port Allen were transferred to St. Joseph of Baton Rouge. In January, 1910, the two missions again changed hands and Grosse Tete again served them. In July, 1915, Lobdell and PA were adopted a second time by St. Joseph's church in Baton Rouge. In 1920, the archbishop of New Orleans established the two missions of Lobdell and Port Allen as a separate parish. It was called the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul and it was seated at Lobdell. St. Michael’s chapel in Port Allen was its mission. The rectory was built next to the church in Lobdell. 

    Because of certain factors such as the decline of population in Lobdell, the growth of Port Allen area, and the fact that Port Allen was the civil parish seat, it was decided to move the church parish seat to Port Allen. Accordingly, land was bought, and Holy Family Parish was established in Port Allen in 1925. The rectory was moved to this site in 1928 and a new church building was built there. It was dedicated on November 19, 1928. The chapel at Lobdell ceased to exist in 1932 when the levee was moved. By 1932, the Parish of Holy Family had 1300 parishioners.

  Holy Family School was established in 1949. Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross have been the faculty through June of 2007. The convent and the rectory were both dedicated in June of 1958. After a fire in the choir loft in 1974, it was decided a new church would be built. The new church was dedicated in December 1976.

In 2014, the church was gutted and renovated. In February 1015, the renovated church was re-dedicated and the altar was consecrated by Bishop Robert W. Muench.
Sts. Peter and Paul Church as drawn by Vera Alexander
Original Holy Family Church
Current Holy Family  Church
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