Welcome to our 2021-2022 year
of learning and spiritual growth.
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2021-2022 Religious Education Registration form.
Students who are entering into 9th grade and attending a Catholic high school will register for the Confirmation program when they are entering 10th grade.
Confirmation - Sacrament Year

  • Student attending a non-Catholic high school and entering the final year of the 3 year program.
  • Student attending a Catholic high school and entering the second and final year of the program
Parish School of Religion
1st Reconciliation/1st Eucharist

  • Students attending a non-Catholic elementary school
  • Students in 2nd grade attending a Catholic school

  • Students attending a non-Catholic high school and entering the first or second year of the 3 year Confirmation program.
  • Students attending a Catholic high school and entering the Confirmation program.